Recently there have been a few changes taking place in our lives. To list a few...

* I have recently finished my 3-month teaching practicum, and am now completely finished with my two-year B.Ed degree at MSVU. Now I am anxiously awaiting May 21st, when I will be walking across the stage during my convocation, and receiving my Teacher's License. Thereafter, substituting will begin.

* Yet another baby girl was born into our family (Elena Lee Rawding; Born April 14th 2010 at 11:44pm). This is my third niece, and she is as precious as the other two. It seems that our family is growing exponentially, and I am loving it! There is nothing more amazing than watching my nieces growing up. I am also anxiously awaiting a fourth niece or 1st nephew (Cameron, this time), due in July.

* Malcolm and I have "adopted" Madelaine (AKA: Maidy). Okay, not really adopted... she has been my family's dog for the past 12 years, but as my parents often go on motorhome trips (this time they are gone for 6 months), we have pretty much accepted Maidy as being our second daughter (Eleanore being our first)!

Just a short updated to try to get back into blogging. I realize it's been quite some time since the last blog, but better late than never.

Elena Lee Rawding-Kluge (Born April 14th 2010)