"I never understood that, butter on the forehead. Butter on the forehead, never butter. Maybe I was just dreaming"


Congrats, Covalent Bond!

Just a quick shout-out to Malcolm and his band Covalent Bond for their successful, solid performance at The Green Festival in New Brunswick last weekend. I was happy and proud to be representing them as a fan at the show! Congrats on your first big gig, guys!


Our Wine - Bottled and Ready for Aging!

We finally got around to bottling our home-made wine, and have put the 29 bottles into our wine rack for aging after having them standing up for three days. It is a German Müller-Thurgau White Wine, and we are so excited for the next month to pass so that we can try our first bottle. That being said, I already tried a sip before bottling; and while it was wine-like, it definitely still needs quite some time to reach its full potential. We're now keeping our fingers crossed for proper aging, and hope to share our first bottle on our five year "anniversary" at the beginning of October. We are very excited!

Some Pics of the Wine Making and Bottling Process; 29 Bottles Ready for Aging!