Congrats Babsi on a Half Marathon!

My little sparkplug girlfriend trained awesomely this summer over a very short time-period to pull off a very successful first half marathon. It was a beautiful day and a well run event at the Tim Hortons Valley Harvest race in Wolfville. It was our first time there together.

My vote is to do a full now, but Barb wants to do a triathlon. However, I swim like an anchor.


Five Years Together

In light of Malcolm's last post (Happy 5 Years), there are just a few things that I want to say.

Firstly, and probably sounding a little bit cliché, it is hard to accept how fast time goes by sometimes. It feels like just yesterday that Malcolm and I met and hit it off almost instantaneously. It's funny, in a way... there are things about the beginning of our relationship that I can picture quite clearly (like some clothes that we wore on the first few days that we met one another, watching Malcolm play ultimate frisbee during the first few weeks, the first few movies we watched and how those moments felt, etc), but then there are other things that I wish I could remember in full detail but just can't. For example, I wish I could remember in detail the first MSN conversation we had; or the first serious conversation we had in person; or maybe even the first time it felt "normal" to hug or hold hands. That all being said, I know that whichever way these things happened, it has led us to where we are now; and so I'm thankful for every moment no matter how much or how little of each one I can remember.

Before I get too deep into analyzing relationships, love and the likes, I just want to thank Malcolm for being there; I consider myself lucky and am greatful for the feelings we still share (and will hopefully share for a *long* time to come). :))

Ich Liebe Dich, Mein Schatz.

Two of the very first pics ever taken of us back in 2004. The first one was actually taken about two weeks after we first started dating, and it was the very first picture ever of the two of us. :)

Happy 5 Years Baby!

Love you sweetie.


Growing Too Quickly

My nieces Olivia and Lily are growing way too quickly for my liking! It's hard to believe that they're already both over one year of age. Olivia is now one year and 5 months old, and Lily is one year and 3 months old. I just thought I'd share a couple of pics to show off my beautiful and awesome nieces. :)

Malcolm and Olivia

Lily and I

Lily (left) and Olivia (right)


Back to School

Tomorrow I'm heading back to classes at Mount Saint Vincent University. It'll be quite a long day; Classes from 9am-4pm, and then I'm working a shift at Superstore from 5pm-10pm. Last week, I went to my Jr. High School; Tuesday was a Teachers-Only day, and I met all of the staff at my school. Wednesday-Friday the students were at the school as well, and I got to "witness" the first days of school, which was pretty neat. It was a nice couple of days, and I enjoyed being there.

That being said, it has dawned on me that another school year has started. More so, it has dawned on me that this will be my last year at University... possibly ever (unless I do a Masters of some sort in the future, I suppose). That being said, I have less than seven months to go now, and I will be a certified teacher. I am trying not to be overly excited about it, because I know that the next seven months will most likely be the toughest seven months I have had in University/School yet. As much as I am looking forward to classes and especially teaching in practicum, I know that it will be very time consuming and that it will take a lot of dedication and focus. Still, the excitement usually wins over... until I am sleep-deprived, probably. :)

With all that, I wish everyone else in my B.Ed program - and everyone else who is in school, in general - a great start to the new school year, and all the best for the coming months!

Happy Back to School Week!


Weekend in Cape Breton!

September 5th-7th were spent in Cape Breton visiting Malcolm's parents. We had a great time down there, especially because it had been quite some time since I had seen Eddy & Kathleen. We also bought a newlens (50mm portrait lens) for our DSLR Camera. So, between the CB 'reunion' and the new lens, I thought I'd post some shots of the weekend. :)



"I never understood that, butter on the forehead. Butter on the forehead, never butter. Maybe I was just dreaming"


Congrats, Covalent Bond!

Just a quick shout-out to Malcolm and his band Covalent Bond for their successful, solid performance at The Green Festival in New Brunswick last weekend. I was happy and proud to be representing them as a fan at the show! Congrats on your first big gig, guys!


Our Wine - Bottled and Ready for Aging!

We finally got around to bottling our home-made wine, and have put the 29 bottles into our wine rack for aging after having them standing up for three days. It is a German Müller-Thurgau White Wine, and we are so excited for the next month to pass so that we can try our first bottle. That being said, I already tried a sip before bottling; and while it was wine-like, it definitely still needs quite some time to reach its full potential. We're now keeping our fingers crossed for proper aging, and hope to share our first bottle on our five year "anniversary" at the beginning of October. We are very excited!

Some Pics of the Wine Making and Bottling Process; 29 Bottles Ready for Aging!